Teacher Feature

Check out our new Teacher Feature section of Periscope.  Every Thursday, we hope to highlight one teacher at CHS, giving you a glimpse into their life beyond the subject that they teach.  To read the individual profiles, just click on the teacher’s picture.

Want to nominate a teacher for a future Teacher Feature?  Email us at [email protected]

Michelle Disbrow
Sean Lehman
Michael Gavazzi
Rachel Drumheller
Francis Tolan
Sarah Clayville
Jeffrey McMahon
Delia Roper
Robyn Wolfe
Robert Urban
Bob Smetana
Matthew Fahnestock
David Bigelow
Rob Dutrey
Jessica Bernhard
Christina Cook
Julie Knauss
Sue Biondo-Hench
Steve Wisner
Cynthia Lathrop
Devon Collier
Amanda Kelley
Kelly Brent
Priscilla Perdue
Doug Hewlett
Dan Schade
Ashley Gogoj & Judith Treffinger
Teri Ruth
Emily Norcross
Chuck Roeder

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