Cover that shoulder: Student perspectives on the dress code

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From crop tops, leggings, fingertip lengths shorts, to shirts that expose shoulders, students have been debating for many years about what they deem as appropriate for school.

CHS students have weighed in their opinion on the school’s dress code about whether they perceive its rules to be fair or biased.  Some students believe that it is too extreme and strict towards certain groups of people, like how females are not allowed to show any shoulders, while there are others that feel no changes are necessary.

Sophomore Abby Otto believes that the dress code is sexist against the female body. 

“Only girls get into trouble for not following the dress code,” said Otto. “Last year I was sick, throwing up, and [I] had to go to the nurse, but she saw my crop top, told me to change and sent me back to class still sick without giving me medicine, taking my temperature, or anything.”

Olivia Lane, who is currently a junior, also believes that the dress code is more directed towards the female body than the male body.

When Lane asked what changes she would make, she said, “Give the girls more leniency in the types of straps they can wear because it’s not bothering anyone. The guys should be more forced to wear belts because a lot of them have saggy pants and no one is yelling at them.”  

Senior Jamari Brown agreed.

“People should be able to wear whatever they want because it’s not a distraction to anyone,” said Brown.

The biggest problem that students seem to have with the school dress code is that they believe the dress code regulations are aimed more towards females than male.  Some students have no issue with what dress code requirements are.

Sophomore Elizabeth Schuck believes that “it’s fair” and “the shoulder [rule] isn’t that big of a deal.”  

Tyler Sandoval, who is a sophomore, said, “The school dress code at school isn’t too strict which is perfect.”

In the CHS Student Handbook, the dress code regulations section says, “Clothing that exposes personal body parts or attract undue attention are not allowed.”  

Some of the clothing items included in this category are “tank tops, stomach shirts, and short skirts and shorts that do not reach tips of fingertips when arms are extended at the waist.”   

Freshman Mykaela Ocampo said, “Shoulders aren’t distracting… and for guys, the sagging pants rule should be enforced more.”

Carlisle High School’s dress code brings up concerns and opinions about fairness between the school’s students. The controversy of what’s appropriate for high school students has created a huge uproar on whether or not the dress code should be changed.

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